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XCOM 2 game for PC Review & Gameplay


We have all the game that defined us as players – the game that made us understand that the gaming media offered us something that other media could not and who hooked us. To me, it is “UFO: Enemy Unknown”, popularly called “X-COM”. When the series was relaunched as “XCOM: …

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The Witness Game for PC Review & Gameplay

The Witness

The Witness: I dreamed about labyrinths again tonight. They always start astonishingly simple; pull a line through a small grid – the only goal is to reach the exit. Initially, they remind you of what you could find in old Donald leaves, but for each loose maze there are still new, …

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Cobalt Game for PC Review & Gameplay


One of the most important fruits of the so-called “games renaissance” we are currently in is the wave of games with simple overall frameworks, which inwardly offer unprecedented depth and diversity. This kind of game has as its absolute gain that they are easy to grab from the very first …

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Oxenfree Game for PC Review & Gameplay


Night School Studios makes their debut as a game studio with “Oxenfree”, and is clear about what kind of games they have made. In marketing, the game is described as “a supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly opens a ghostly rift.” The game’s intent is clear: We …

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Far Cry Primal Game for PC Review & gameplay

Far Cry Primal

As modern people, we may all need a reminder that we have lost contact with nature. Somewhere on the road to a more civilized world, the important things in life have been lost. For example, the satisfaction of killing a mammoth with bee bombs, a good mood and a honeycomb. …

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SUPERHOT Game for PC Review & Gameplay


“SUPERHOT” started as a game right in the browser, and in this early edition a few years ago the game mechanics were already in place (dreamed up in one week during the gamejammen 7DFPS), which gave an incredible response. One piece of successful Kickstarter campaign later, baked 200 degrees for two …

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