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Shiftlings PC Game Review & gameplay


When Norwegian Rock Pocket Games now takes the step from small mobile games to a small game on the larger consoles, this simultaneously represents a significant increase in visibility and ambition for the small T√łnsberg developer. Now under Activision-controlled Sierra , the game is distributed in parallel to PC, PS4 …

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Frozen Cortex PC Game Review & gameplay

frozen cortex

Look for a ball game between two teams, all of which are allowed. Then look at this ball game served as a superficial strategy game, on ” Frozen Synapse “, where you and your opponent fit the game between each other like a ball. The battle itself is on hold. …

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Helldiver PC Game Review & gameplay


Arrowhead can be chaos. Ever since ” Magicky “ they have shown that they can provoke the little extra needed when four players meet on the same screen to eradicate monsters, aliens, robots – or whatever it may be. Settlement is never the point. It is the experience between the …

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Ori and the Blind Forest PC Game Review & gameplay

Ori and the Blind Forest

Should you first present your dream project within an already established framework, there are far worse potential casts than ” metroidvania ” to do this. Already in the genre’s starting point is much done if you are going to tell a story about magnificent excursions, overwhelming odds and progressively acquired …

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White Night PC Game Review & gameplay

White Night

Should you play with the color palette, I think it is important that it is done in the name of the expression. It must appear as more than just a black and white filter. And it must not be in the way of the gaming experience itself. “White Night” is …

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Cities: Skylines PC Game Review & gameplay

Cities: Skylines

Following EA’s controversial treatment of “SimCity” in 2013 and the closure of the developer studio Maxis earlier this month, it is safe to say that the market for good urban planning simulator has opened up a bit. The developers in the Colossal Order make a bargain attempt with “Cities: Skylines” …

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Mad Catz RAT TE PC Game Review & Gameplay

Mad Catz RAT TE

Is there one thing Mad Catz can, so it’s making products that stand out from the hopes. The company’s RAT series is among the most distinguished, with a design that is of the relatively extreme battle. Mad Catz RAT TE is no exception. The design is typical Mad Catz, with …

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Sid Meier’s Starships PC Game Review & Gameplay

Sid Meier's Starships

When I heard that the developers in Firaxis had made ” Sid Meier’s Starships “, the first thing I thought was Juhuu! ” Pirates ” in space! Unfortunately, you turned out to be something else. There is really more a mix between “Risk”, “King’s Bounty” and the most elementary technology …

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Battlefield Hardline PC Game Review & Gameplay

Battlefield Hardline

And then the start is for another contribution in the traditional Battlefield series. For all with a hint of gaming interest, the question is crystal clear: Does the police and robbery theme in ” Hardline ” manage to live up to the prestigious “Battlefield” name? “Hardline” is not the way …

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