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Trials Fusion Download for PC & Android and Review

Trials Fusion

There is never any doubt after you have started “Trials Fusion”, signed engine enthusiasts from the deep Finnish forests. Now we are going back to the future. « Welcome to the future. Man … machine … the future », sounds out of the speakers. The design in the opening and the menus is cool …

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Lifeless Planet Download for PC & Android and Review

Lifeless Planet

“Lifeless Planet” has some amazing horizons to showcase. Who knew that the assembly of desolate landscapes and left civilization could call as many emotions as they do here. Look at the screens. A left cottage on the edge of a dense, immersive crater. A desolate and urban neighborhood left on the surface of …

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The Evil Within for PC Review & Watch Gameplay

The Evil Within

” The Evil Within ” follows in the footsteps of surival horror games as ” Resident Evil 4 ” . Yes, you get buckets with blood and goats too, but that’s not what makes the game as good as it is. Instead, the game shows why the genre is so interesting and how you experience …

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Sunset Overdrive for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Sunset Overdrive

Personally, I suspect that we basically dream of an apocalypse. That all these dystopian doomsday stories that dominate our pop culture do not play fear but on the fulfillment of our innermost fantasies. We are not really afraid of an apocalypse where the world becomes crowded by monsters, living dead or …

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Bayonetta 2 for PC Review & Watch Gameplay

Bayonetta 2

Haha, glory. This game. It’s not often I’m forced to lock the door and pull the curtains, but Platinum Games does it – with a hell of a hell of a hell of a hell. Where ” Bayonetta ” turned the temperature to eleven, the sequel adjusts the crazy knot to twelve. Perhaps without the very big …

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Amphora for PC Review & Watch Gameplay


Amphora for PC Review & Watch Gameplay:  There is a will behind “Amphora” which has reverberated in the majority of Norwegian game releases in recent years: Norwegian game creators seem to wake up strong emotions, especially in shapes and shades we are not used to. The game lasts just over two …

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