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TellTale Announces To Cut Off 25% of Its Employees

TellTale Announces To Cut Off 25% of Its Employees

Telltale has announced a 25% cut in its workforce for the games that star such figures as  Batman and the characters in The Walking Dead. The estimate is that at least 90 people lost their jobs in what the developer called a “comprehensive restructuring” of their activities.

“The decision was made to make the company, a leader in narrative games guided by the player, more competitive as a developer and publisher of revolutionary game experiences with an emphasis on high quality in future years,” said the company in a statement sent to the site Glixel.

TellTale Announces To Cut Off 25% of Its Employees

According to CEO Pete Hawley, the intent of the cuts is to allow the company to focus on delivering fewer games, each with a higher quality level than the one currently seen. The developer also said it will move to adopt “more proven” technologies and work with new partners to expand the audience for its games.

“I would like to express our respect for all the contributions that these incredibly talented artists, storytellers, and others have made to this company, and that decision is not in any way a reflection of the quality or dedication of their work,” added Hawley. “We provide all of our career assistance systems to help our affected colleagues and friends – and their families – navigate this difficult transition as soon as possible.”

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