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The Titan Quest Expansion is Now Available: Ragnarök

THQ Nordic’s brilliant Action-RPG returns to the fray with an expansion more than 10 years later.

In August of 2016 a Titan Quest Anniversary Edition was released that reminded us that the Titan Quest jewel of Iron Lore was very much in mind of THQ Nordic . Now the game is news again, as the promising Ragnarök expansion for the already veteran Action-RPG launched in 2006 has been launched throughout this weekend.

What’s new? To begin with, there is a new area to explore and that promises to have “unprecedented dimensions” that, set in the lands of northern Europe, allows us to stand up in its fifth act to Celtic kingdoms, Nordic and the Asgardian gods. In it we can reach level 85 for our character and maximize his potential as a warrior.

The Titan Quest Expansion is Now Available: Ragnarök

The video game, in addition, will allow us to become a Master of the Runes with what is a new mastery that will be mixed with the rest of those we already had to reach a whopping 45 combinations with our Hades heroes.

The expansion Titan Quest: Ragnarök can be purchased at this time with a discount of 25% on its original price of 19.99 euros through Steam and, as expected, requires the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition to be enjoyed.

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