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Total War: Warhammer 2 PC Game Review & Gameplay

Total War: Warhammer 2 PC Game Review & Gameplay

It is almost strange to put on a whole new Total War adventure just one year after Total War: Warhammer saw the light, but that’s the way it is. With Total War: Warhammer 2, Creative Assembly has manifested the fantasy universe’s grasp over the game series. Through the game’s new fractions, game modes and the Vortex mechanism, Total War is possibly greater than ever, but old frustration elements return once more.

The big mal flow

That Total War: Warhammer 2 is more ambitious than its predecessor, there is no doubt. As I begin my campaign as the alpine is the first to face me a huge magic malfunction in the center of the map, located in the center of Alvelands. This magic wind portal will have a lot to say for the campaign, because all the big factiones you meet want to tame its powers to itself.

It’s cool how much malflow has to say for the campaign.

Unlike other Total War games, where the main goal is to take over the world, Warhammer 2 focuses on the power of malstrom. By collecting waystones and similar resources, you get closer to the ability to take advantage of its powers, which is much of what makes Warhammer 2 a bit faster than previous games. Of course, you can completely forget about the mal flow and try out a classic takeover campaign if you wish. However, you will miss out on Warhammer 2’s biggest innovation. The Vortex does a great job of joining Warhammer 2’s fractions and is a fun way to breathe new life into an old but faithful campaign format. Using the forces of malstrom in a certain number of rounds through the campaign also makes the game feel more directed than before,

The new tactical campaign chart works well.

The race of the forces of malstriction also means that fractions far from each other suddenly know who their foremost opponents are and if you have the resources, Warhammer 2 lets you sabotage your enemies’ progress. In order to make use of the magic of the malstrom offers, one must check a certain number of cities in their empire and, if you lose these, you will lose the connection to the malstrom. By paying for mercenaries controlled by the artificial intelligence one can thus ruin the enemy, which is a fun way to exert power.

It’s actually enough with four races

The intermediate sequences are mostly good.
The region around the mainstream is characterized by huge mountains and colorful landscapes, and it is a kind of idyllic atmosphere all over the place. This is where the tall alves live, but the dark alcoves and other dangers lice in close proximity. Over the big sea, completely other evil is awaiting, and as a high calf, it is not certain that these races will be done until late in the game. In the frozen northwest the dark alcoves exist, and in the south it is waiting for reptiles and raised rats.

That there are only four unique races may sound small, but in terms of how different they are, it does not matter anyway. You will have a completely different experience like the alps than the Skagen fraction, which consists of rats and other pests. Where the high elves offer a more traditional form of gaming with a focus on state-building, Skaven uses much more looting, land-based terrorism and the importance of having enough food.

Lizardmen, on their part, can use what they call, “the Geomantic web”, a kind of tissue an energy that binds the different cities of the faction together. The band gets stronger the bigger the cities are and affects the provinces’ provinces, an extra bonus all the faction can make use of as long as you own all cities in the same province.

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