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The traditional games that Nintendo continues to manufacture

The Japanese developer continues to produce decks of cards and chess boards.

The traditional games that Nintendo continues to manufacture

Most fans will know that Nintendo began its business venture in 1889 dedicated to the manufacture and sale of a popular card game known as Hanafuda. A facet that the Japanese brand still keeps alive. On its website, among the juicy news for Nintendo Switch, for example, fans can find a section dedicated to the sale of traditional Japanese games.

As Kotaku explains, under the ‘other products ‘ label, visitors to Nintendo’s Japanese portal can buy all kinds of completely analog games. Nintendo has for sale decks of Western cards, decorated with motifs and characters from their franchises, such as Kirby or Splatoon . Especially curious and beautiful are the letters of characteristically Japanese games, such as the letters hanafuda or tengu.

Of course, you can not miss board games like mahjong or shogi. Its components can be purchased manufactured in plastic or in a handmade version made of Katsura wood. Some of these boards can cost up to 4 thousand euros. A luxury for those fans of Nintendo more loyal.

That Nintendo continues to maintain this type of products available almost 130 years after its founding is a declaration of principles and a reminder of the extent to which it is a whole vertebral institution in the history of leisure and entertainment that has managed to reinvent itself.

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