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Trials Fusion Download for PC & Android and Review

There is never any doubt after you have started “Trials Fusion”, signed engine enthusiasts from the deep Finnish forests.

Now we are going back to the future.

« Welcome to the future. Man … machine … the future », sounds out of the speakers. The design in the opening and the menus is cool and cold. We are shooting skyscrapers and spaceships.

What really happened to the origin of “Trials”, in a dark warehouse where you “just” would balance over some simple logs and boxes?

But do not believe that RedLynx plans to shorten its hero. Very much in this sequel fits into the exhaust smoke behind the great trials ” Trials HD ” and ” Trials Evolution “.

Fighter and snow storm

This is a big day for many Playstation owners. The two previous “Trials” games have been reserved for Xbox 360 consoles, one of the best and most popular digital games on the box.

“Fusion” is released to Playstation 4, as well as Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

There must be a bonus and a solid patch on the Playstation wound that this is the version that boasts the very prettiest (console) graphics .

After the initial and basic education, the doors literally open to a larger, deeper and visually richer world than we have had before.

A fighter plane sneaks in one of the very first jumpers. Just afterwards, you set off in a hill that generates severe stomach while the low evening sun blends you for a few seconds. A little later you play in the best “SSX” style  villmann in a snowboard resort.

Right in the competition

The tribe of ” Trials Fusion ” is the same. On the bike it feels the same. These mechanics are no reason to cheat.

To me, the three console titles in this series have featured experiences that represent the actual game: dronning tight in the controls. You have no one else to blame than yourself if you end up with your head first in the scratch, and there is so much crying, cheering and despair if there are more knives about the time spent.

The extract of competitive spirit mixed with game design goes straight into the main nerve for what such a thing represents.

Frustrating amazing

“Trials” are easy to understand, but may be difficult to master.

It’s a good way to lure you into the cave of the lion – time after time – even if you’ve met the wall in one of the more difficult trails, and almost broke the controller in the same slumber a few minutes before.

RedLynx, of course, knows what works so well and kept it like that. Nevertheless, there are some innovations in “Fusion” that build in the breadth rather than challenge the success formula.

One of the news is that you can now trim in the air – wrap around the driver with one stick while rotating the bike with the other one. It opens for something completely different from what we’ve been to before in the “Trials” context.

With Supermann position

The physics nuts in the series have already been demanding, without thinking that you should also balance both the driver and the bike in the air – at the same time.

When the game was first announced, enough people were worried that the trick would be required to get the necessary medals.

Fortunately, this is packed at the back of the menus, along with “skill games”, or made for optional bonus tasks for each race. In other words, you can manage yourself throughout the career section without worrying about tricking.

However, if you choose to immerse yourself in this aspect, you will experience a whole new “Trials”. Just imagine what opportunities and physical laws you pills your nose as you hover over a hundred feet above the ground – can tear your bike around while allowing the driver to flip in the opposite direction while doing a Supermann position?

Now also with four wheels

Career share is as you know before. The introduction of four wheels is a bonus. These donations have got their own bulb of the total eight groups in their career.

Of course, on four wheels it is easier to avoid rolling. It’s likely to compensate for this that RedLynx has made the vehicle unrealistic easy. If not, it had just been to keep the gas all the way to the finish.

To unlock the next bunch of lanes, you must have a certain number of medals. This means that you have to return to familiar treks – preferably with an even more harsh two-wheel drive when you have unlocked more from the garage – to roll in the extra gold medals.

The aforementioned trix challenges, or the bundle of skill games (longest ski jump, triathlon and similar sprint) can also give you medals.

The training aspect is broken up and divided into small doses, so you never have to wait too long to get back on your bike. The game is smooth and fast, it never takes more than a couple of presses to get back in a race.

The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions have some minor inequalities in control. Xbone boasts ristinga in the trigger buttons, as we also find in “Forza Motorsport 5”. On PS4, you can use the motion bar between the connectors to quickly reboot.

Mind the gap

The range in environments is huge. Desert sand with a dusty veil included, a swampy world that is both lush green and wet, and the aforementioned Easter trip in the resort – but the review theme is futuristic.

It involves “Tron” -like lanes set in front of you while you’re on top speed, floating between space stations and the sci-fi version of an underground system that truly lives up to its name: Mind the Gap .

Download Trials Fusion

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