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WhatsApp: “picture in picture” mode comes with Android O

The developers of WhatsApp always work on innovations and improvements for the actual news app. Meanwhile you can call by call and this goes even with video transmission. The app also accesses your camera during the call and sends live exactly what is in front of the lens. As a new function, a “picture-in-picture” function is installed in WhatsApp. This is especially planned for video calls and is to be introduced with Android O.

android o
The negative point here is that it only works with the devices that support Android O. Otherwise, you look stupid from the laundry, so if you currently have no current device. Of course, you do not have to accept this as absolute, because the developers may still find a solution.

WhatsApp gets advanced video function

The current developer version of Android O already supports the new video feature for WhatsApp. Accordingly, the new element can already be tested there, with the fewest users being able to have the opportunity. However, this requires the beta version of WhatsApp, which is why you must register for this program to become part of it. Whether or not you are actually invited to participate is on a whole different paper.

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