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This will be the First battle in Radiant History: Perfect Chronology

New RPG trailer details the combat system

Radiant Story: Perfect Chronology will debut in the first months of 2018 for 3DS. For this reason, ATLUS continues to show some interesting advances of the RPG. On this occasion, the company shared a video detailing the game’s combat system. Of course, the trailer is aimed at those who did not play the original version of the title, which debuted on the Nintendo DS in 2011.

The combat system of Radiant History: Perfect Chronology will be based entirely on the original. So, you can expect turn-based fighting. This will imply that the strategy will be a fundamental part to succeed in the battles. The key will be to maximize our attacks, this will be possible by modifying the position of the rivals.

Thanks to this, we can cause damage to several enemies at once. To achieve this, it will be necessary to know in depth the skills of our characters and their scope. Once this is mastered, sometimes changing the order of attack will be quite useful.

Regarding the news in this section, we will have some support skills never seen before. This will undoubtedly add a little more complexity and variety to the battles. Finally, the video shows the special attacks of various characters. Without more, I leave the advance below:

This will be the battles in Radiant History: Perfect Chronology

Radiant Story: Perfect Chronology is now available in Japan, where it dominated weekly sales in early July. Its launch in America will be on February 13, 2018. This new version of the RPG will have 2 game modes, one of them will offer an extra episode, in addition to the main and secondary story. Also, most of the game’s texts will have voice acting. If you want to know more about their combat system, check out this Japanese trailer, which shows other Mana Burst skills.

Upon arrival in Japan, the title featured several special editions that you can see here.

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