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Wolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus: New old school

Eyes in eye with Frau Engel and the rulers of the regime: BJ Blazkowicz lives and we attack the weapons in the first round after the E3 announcement. These new features are “The New Colossus”.


  • Great science fiction scenario with crude characters
  • Successful shooter mechanics
  • Good scope


  • very brutal

Assessment of the editorial team

  • Good
Wolfenstein 2
Wolfenstein – The New Order” was one of the best shooters of the year in 2014. “The New Colossus” could still surpass its successful predecessor. Playfully much more powerful and impressive presented, MachineGames’ shooter impressed with its depth and the fascinating scenario. Here a really colossally good shooter grows up.B.J. Blazkowicz paid his battle against the regime expensive. After the near-death experience at the end of ” Wolfenstein – The New Order “, he awakens in a hospital bed at the headquarters of the rebels. But the one-time war hero is heavily drawn: his body can hardly stand the strain anymore and he can not run anymore. For BJ, however, this is not a reason to surrender to the regime or even its sadistic commander, Mrs. Engel. In the first minutes of “Wolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus” he fights out of the wheelchair. Later, he slips into a cybernetic exo suit and heats Engel’s minions once more.

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