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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus PC Game

Petra Schmitz was at Bethesda for us in Frankfurt and had the opportunity to play two whole sections of the upcoming Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus . But she did not just play, but also talked to the senior game designer Andreas Öjerfors.Wolfenstein 2 for pc

With him she talked about the supposedly loose manner with which Wolfenstein takes the darkest chapter of German history on the shuffle and about the changes in the German version . But the most astonishing answer was given to her question about the duration of the game: Machinegames simply has no idea .

GameStar: You sometimes think something like this at Machinegames: “What do we actually do here, we trivialize one of the darkest chapters in the history of mankind?”

I think we see Wolfenstein more like a broken distraction, which we hold before the history of Europe. We exaggerate things, we have humor in the game – black humor. But I also believe that both in New Order and The New Colossus we have a chance to talk about fascism, oppression, and their meaning. […] But it depends on the type of player. Whether you’re the man who sees that, or if you just want to shoot the bad guys.

Wolfenstein 2 for pc

GameStar: How do you think about the changes that are necessary to publish the game in Germany?

Andreas Öjerfors: I do not think this is a big thing for us. It means some extra work, but it does not change the story, it does not change the themes of the game: fascism, oppression and the end of democracy. The themes are therefore the same, the symbols [on flags or armbands, Red.] Are just a little different.

Symbols are changed in Wolfenstein 2 – but the content remains the same in Germany Symbols are changed in Wolfenstein 2 – but the content remains the same in Germany.GameStar: How long is the New Colossus? In about as long as The New Order?

Wolfenstein 2 for pc

When we made the PR for The New Order, we had an answer to this question, currently we have none. It is a long game. We were actually planning to make it shorter, but we never make things shorter. We also wanted to have fewer intersections. But we also want to tell a great story.

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