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This is how Zelda’s new amiibo works: Breath of the Wild

They will promote attack and defense when the Ancestors team is used.

This is how Zelda's new amiibo works: Breath of the Wild

On November 10, the four new amiibo figures inspired by the fantastic Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , the Chosen, come to the stores and thanks to them, fans of this action adventure will have the opportunity to improve the statistics of combat of his hero.

“When any of the Divine Helmets is equipped with the Ancestral Armor and the Ancient Greaves (all the elements of the armor need to be upgraded to level 2 or higher),” they comment from Nintendo , “you will also activate a bonus, the Ancient Proficiency , which increases the attack power of ancestral and Guardian weapons. “

By equipping the helmet we will also increase the level of defense against attacks of ancestral energy. The enemies’ life points, on the other hand, will also be visible just like the Chosen One’s Tunic. In addition, each helmet will have specific effects on our hero.

Divine Helmet of Vah Rudania: Resistance to fire (level 1)
Divine Helmet of Vah Route: Swim faster (level 1)
Divine Helmet of Vah Naboris: Resistance to electricity (level 1)
Divine Helmet of Vah Medoh: Resistance to cold ( level 1)

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