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Adapting Outlast to Nintendo Switch Took “a Few Weeks”

The sequel to this horror adventure goes on sale on March 27.

Adapting Outlast to Nintendo Switch Took "a Few Weeks"

Available in the Nintendo Switch eShop from just a few days ago, adapting the scary Outlast to the circuits of the hybrid console has meant “a few weeks” of work for those responsible, who have managed to create “an experience very similar to that of the most powerful platforms “in such a short margin of time.

The data is even more surprising if we take into account that in that same period of time, the Red Barrels team has been able to adapt the fantastic Outlast 2 to Nintendo Switch. This horror adventure, however, has not yet been released on the hybrid console.

Nintendo fans will have to wait until next March 27 to get the hang of a video game that moves its action to a dangerous mountainous region dominated by a religious sect.

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