The KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a reputation like Donnerhall ahead, but his forecasts for new Apple devices for years always impressively well into the black. That is why it is worth taking a look at what the industry recognizer of the new iPhone 8 expects – not exactly a little, as his analysis shows .

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The list contains some things that have long been speculated – and which are considered as secured. Technically, Apple with the iPhone 8 should offer some exciting solutions. Poor news may exist, but for those who are looking for the extravagant anniversary iPhone.

The ten theses for the iPhone 8 at a glance

Apple will present three new iPhones in the fall – two with LC display and 4.7 or 5.5 inch diagonal. In addition, a 5.2-inch Jubilee model with an OLED panel.
The OLED model of the iPhone 8 will have the best screen-to-body ratio in the market . However, the fingerprint sensor, which can not be installed under the full-surface display, falls victim to the victim. Instead, Apple uses face detection using a 3D front camera .
The 3D front camera of the OLED-iPhones is also to ensure better self- care; The depth detection data is used for this purpose.
While the normal, smaller iPhone 8 needs to work with 2 GB of memory and a simpler camera, the iPhone 8 Plus and the OLED special model have a dual camera as well as 3 GB of RAM on board.
All three iPhones will have 64 and 256 GB of memory .
All three models of the iPhone 8 have a lightning port, but also use USB-C technology for faster charging.
The iPhone 8 will provide stereo speakers and a generally better audio output and reception quality than the predecessors.
The more elaborate jubilee model with OLED display will be available in a few housing colors.
Because of the special and hard-to-produce display, the anniversary iPhone is presented at the same time, but only later to be bought . In addition, the analysts expect bottlenecks in the number of units up to the first half of 2018.
By the end of the year, 80 to 85 million copies of the iPhone 8 were expected. Kuo expects a roughly equal division of the three models.
If the prediction is correct, the special jubilee model of the iPhone 8 will actually bring an OLED display, which covers the entire front of the smartphone. But to make even more screen in proportion to the overall size than the Xiaomi Mi Mix creates, Apple would have to integrate among other things the front camera and sensors in the display of the iPhone 8 and – like Samsung Galaxy S8 – the Homebutton abolish.

The thing with the Homebutton has a hook at Samsung: The fingerprint sensor must be backwards, which is not good at the fans. Apple wanted to use a sensor integrated into the display glass from Synaptics, but it still does not appear to be marketable. But instead of moving the sensor backwards, according to the opinion of Ming-Chi Kuo now have decided to strike this component easy! Kingt curious and quite unlikely – at first sight.

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Because when Apple makes it as predicted to face the face recognition with a 3D camera at the front of the iPhone 8 just as good or even better as the recognition by fingerprint, the makers in Cupertino could end up even as a winner, free according to the motto: Look, we have invented this with the fingerprint in the smartphone but in the meantime, but now we have something even better that you all do not get so right. And zack, one would have made from the need of the missing under-glass sensor a virtue. Then the face recognition in the test of the iPhone 8 must be actually faster, more comfortable and safer.

Anniversary model comes later and in smaller numbers

However, if you now have an eye on the special iPhone 8 due to the special OLED display and the extravagant design, you will probably have to be patient. Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed the rumors that the anniversary iPhone will come later than the normal iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Due to the difficult production, there should be even bottlenecks up to mid-2018. This should be quite annoying the Apple fans, because the anniversary model will surely be the most exciting of the three new iPhones.

Aspects such as better sound and reception are logical, the memory requirements also, and less colors in the special model of the new iPhones will surely forgive the Apple fans. Working with USB-C is more than useful. It would be even more beautiful, however, if Apple could penetrate the Lightning connection and without a normal USB-C port to use. But before that happens, the hell probably freezes.

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What do you think Ming-Chi Kuo is right with his forecasts for the new Apple iPhone 8? Or will the anniversary iPhone come quite differently to the market? Vote in our poll and tell us your opinion in the comments. We are looking forward to your opinion!


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