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Cooperation in China: Apple is working on the development of car batteries

Almost all Apple products require a powerful battery. Today, the US Group is already one of the largest customers of power storage solutions worldwide. Much of the batteries are from the Chinese company Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL). This is rather unknown in Germany, but among other things is the third largest manufacturer of batteries for hybrid and electric cars worldwide. The differences between batteries for the iPhone and batteries for electric vehicles are enormous. The energy storage of a Teslas can, for example, recharge several thousand smartphones. Nevertheless, Apple and CATL want to work together on a new project: The next generation of car batteries is to be developed in US-Chinese cooperation.


The target is 2nd place behind Tesla in battery production

The key words in this context are: lower costs, higher energy density and lower charging times. The plans for the future are quite ambitious. As early as 2020, CATL plans to increase its annual battery production to 50 GW. This would then place world-wide in second place in this area. Only Tesla with its own gigafactory would then come to an even higher production – and cooperates in this area with the Japanese company Panasonic. It is still unclear how the cooperation between Apple and CATL should look exactly, and what competences Apple can bring into the development. However, this has always been a tradition with the Californian company. The company is only very cautious about research and development.

Apple wants to supply other car manufacturers with key components


So for a long time it was only an open secret that under the project name “Titan” was worked on an Apple Car. In the meantime, however, these plans have been revised. The company now no longer wants to build a complete car, but develop a platform and supply other manufacturers with important components – this confirmed Apple boss Tim Cook recently in an interview . In this context, the development of batteries for electric cars would also make sense. A certain competence is certainly present at Apple: the group has been investing for years in the development of more powerful batteries.


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