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China focuses on the topic of artificial intelligence

More and more advances in artificial intelligence are being reported worldwide. This starts with more playful approaches. In the meantime, not only do the Asian board game go better than any human player, but also win money against the world’s best players in the long term. But technology is gaining in importance in industry as well. Language assistants, such as Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, could play an increasingly important role in people’s lives and are based on artificial intelligence. Even autonomous vehicles are not conceivable without the use of intelligent algorithms. Experts are therefore in agreement: artificial intelligence is one of the most important future technologies.

Investments in Germany and acquisitions abroad

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So far, most of the developments in this area have come from the United States. However, this could change soon. The Chinese leadership has announced that it intends to reach the world’s peak by 2025 in this area. This plan is to be implemented through massive domestic subsidies and acquisitions abroad. In Germany, for example, the robot manufacturer Kuka was taken over. Overall, the Chinese government has defined a clear target: by the year 2025 the domestic AI companies are to be worth about 51 billion dollars. However, a precise definition of the term artificial intelligence was not made. It is, therefore, to be assumed that all approaches that try to imitate perceptions and actions of the human brain are meant.

In the case of electric vehicles, China has already become the leader

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The example of electric mobility is shown by China’s massive investments and subsidies to put itself internationally in a selected area. China is still the front-runner in the newly registered vehicles with an electric motor in front of the United States – a large portion of which was produced in Germany. The country also benefits from its sheer size. Because many Western companies do not want to ignore the huge market and therefore cooperate with Chinese companies on the spot. In this way, important know-how and new technologies flow more or less automatically into the realm of the center.

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