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The Best Trailers of the Week

A Mars full of color and life, a bit of terror in the first person and a promising survival among the videos of the moment.

The Best Trailers of the Week

his Sunday we disguise the magazine as a specialized travel medium, and we offer you through four simple trailers several places to spend your vacations … Although we are honest, these destinations are only suitable for the bravest. An island full of paranormal events and monsters with Desolate, a medieval recreation with its constant wars in between in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a nice but complicated colonization of Mars in Surviving Mars and a first-person nightmare realm in the best videos of the week.

DesolateArgumental Trailer

This trailer actually has a lot of time, but it was not until last Friday, thanks to the great support of the community that is receiving the video game to which it belongs when we discovered it. The catastrophe of great proportions, mysteries to discover, and in the background some plot strokes of Soviet inspiration. Desolate debuted on February 8 in early access and sends us directly to investigate a place where very few would dare to go. Undoubtedly one of the most promising survival titles in the Steam catalog.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 

Launch Trailer

One of the releases of the week, and one of the greatest hits of the month. Kingdom Come: Deliverance has managed to captivate a large group of users with its realistic proposal of medieval role, and in this trailer, we can get an idea of what history and action await us in the Warehouse Studios video game. If you have questions, do not hesitate to consult the analysis of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Surviving Mars

Reservations Trailer: Life of Mars

Putting a human being on Mars is still a dream. Closer and closer, yes, but still a yearning for the space race. Meanwhile, video games such as Surviving Mars by Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive present proposals that are so colorful, and apparently fun, that they imagine what it would be like to build authentic colonies of humanity on the neighboring red planet. If you want to be a pioneer of this feat, write down your launch date: March 15.

The Evil Within 2

Trailer: First Person Mode

Did not The Evil Within 2 scare you enough? Perhaps the newly released first person mode can alleviate this deficit of immersion and terror. To show this first trailer, which we do not recommend for those who have not completed the game of Tango Gameworks. In addition, Bethesda has facilitated this new point of view of the adventure of Sebastian Castellanos in the free demo available in the different digital establishments.

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