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Call of Duty: Ghosts (Multiplayer) For PC, Android, Windows , Mac ,Free Download

It is said that even bad pizza is quite good pizza.

Even I have never tried a Call of Duty multiplayer who has not had any adrenaline-loving and beautiful wearing, although there are always some modest changes from year to year.

Infinity Ward and Treyarch’s relatives have understood some basics with narrow, turbulent shotshifts, and the “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is closely linked to the basic formula that it does not delete the brackets of the success recipe.

It’s simply a fun shooter with an impulsiveness “Battlefield” and most competitors are missing.

Ironically, recycling is “Ghosts” multiplayer’s greatest asset, which torpets the tacky single player part . What prevents this year’s “Call of Duty” from living up to last year’s brilliant games is simply a couple of bizarre interventions.

NB We have only reviewed the Xbox 360 edition of the game, and therefore can not comment on the differences between the different platforms. We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause for PC players and others.

Much smaller matches

Most difficult is to accept that the maximum number of players in a match is scaled down from 18 to 12. Although most boards are so narrow and streamlined that it’s okay, you can hear the sirisses in some of the biggest areas.

Particularly the Scotland-like castle board is a provocative tough affair where unfortunate players may have to walk several minutes between each time they see an enemy.

It’s bad news for a game whose pressure and pace has been the point of sale for many years now.

The more ugly side effect of the restriction is that the popular “Ground War” mode has been thrown into garbage in the console versions, leaving behind fewer alternatives for adrenaline cybersoldiers who thrive best with mulletry and overpopulated boards.

It is simply a little less to care for us who thrive best in the heart of the battle.

The new “Cranked” mode, where you run superfort after killing an enemy, but have to knock one more to within 30 seconds if you do not want to blow, certainly add a little to that pressure.

Infinity Ward’s thought was that this would have a chance at the everlasting campsite , but it also leads to people playing ultra-consciously until they themselves get cranked , and really do not make any big difference. Thank you for the attempt, then!

Positive body focus

If you first get to know past the roadblocks, Call of Duty: Ghosts still offers a lot of good. The shooting is as crushing and rewarding as ever, and the iconic image flow of 60 frames per second means that this year’s “Call of Duty” feels like one of the smoothest, most responsive console shooters on the market.

The unprecedented focus on figure adjustments and ongoing upgrades has not gone anywhere, and “Ghosts” is possibly the game in the series with the most detailed ego coverage. Among other things, because of the new figurative tool, which lets you swap shoes, hat, gender and so on.

There you can also turn on the outfit to the stream of computer-controlled team comrades and drag them into Squads , a new bot-based mode.

It may sound tricky, but it’s a bit of a hitch to pull a few computer-controlled soldiers on the team and play against waves of enemies. And they behave surprisingly well. Besides, you adjust how many people you want to play with and against when you’re not in the mood to be rapy teenagers who received a microphone for their birthday.

In addition, the good thing about the flow is that the UAV radar aircraft is phased out in favor of a more handy and ground-based radar antenna. Infinite conflicts of surveillance dwellings tended to make the fighting extremely predictable, while “Ghosts” put much higher demands on your alertness.

Along with regular matches, one can also pick up small targets after killing someone, for example, challenging you to kill a man with a knife or to knock someone with a head shot. It creates some needed dynamics.


Surprisingly, the absurd space invasion mode Extinction is also a good addition to “Ghosts”, and a kind of refinement of the popular zombie modes that have characterized the co-operation since World at War .

They are at least considerably better than the underproduced correspondence in the precursor.

First and foremost because the coop section feels more holistic. The Romans are varied and well-crafted, the boards are smooth and the various things are more intuitive than the “Black Ops 2” post-apocalyptic zombie vest.

Even cooler is that you are continuously rewarded with new experience points, which can be used to upgrade your skills. A few extra points in the ammunition box, for example, give more bullets every time you use it, while others may prefer to get higher health, to deploy stationary machine guns or automotive bombers.

The basic idea sets against most of the hordemods: drag with you one lives away to an alien army and defense your position to the hull is broken. Then repeat it until you reach your main base, which has even more health and must be attacked directly (with the help of a helicopter).

«Call of Duty: Ghosts» has a solid and well-made multiplayer that summarizes many years of sensible small adjustments in a rich and well-rounded package. The fact that collective wages such as UAVs and others have had a less central role is also a positive development that puts pressure on individual performance and vigilance.

Unfortunately, it is unacceptable that controversial grips give the year’s issue problems of living up to the 2012s. The limitation of the maximum number of players is very noticeable and removes some of the pressure that has defined “Call of Duty” in recent years.

After Infinity Ward gave the war series a new life with “Modern Warfare”, they have slowly lost their grip to Treyarch’s tour partners. Whether you play the single or multi-player part, “Black Ops 2” makes stronger.

Now the main studio really needs to find something wrong.

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” is available for Windows, Xbox 360 (tested), PlayStation 3 and Wii U. The PlayStation 4 version will be released November 29th and the Xbox One release will be released on November 22 in the regions where the machine is released first.

The screenshots in this case are from publisher Activision and we do not think they give a realistic picture of how the game looks in practice. Unfortunately, we have not had the opportunity to take your own, but please take a look at Youtube videos or the like. There is also an official trailer below.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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