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Capcom worked on some amiibo of Resident Evil Revelations

The project was discarded but the video game director is still interested in the idea.

Capcom worked on some amiibo of Resident Evil Revelations

Notable Resident Evil Revelations and its sequel have just premiered on Nintendo Switch and, had Capcom’s plans been concrete, it would have done it with two amiibo inspired by these adventures of action and terror. It has confirmed one of the directors of the Japanese company, Ryota Niitsuma, who has also ensured that the chosen to become these successful figures would have been Hunk in its male and female version, and not Jill and Claire as they could presage the fans.

Why did not this project come to fruition? Niitsuma has limited himself to saying that Capcom reached the point of creating the 3D models for these two figures but for reasons that are not specific, the idea ended up being discarded. In spite of everything, the director of Resident Evil Revelations has made it clear that he is still interested in going on sale amiibo inspired by the franchise, so this project could be resumed in the future.

Nothing has been said in relation to the extra features or additional content that would unlock this Hunk amiibo for Resident Evil Revelations.

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