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Castle Storm For PC, Android, Windows , Mac ,Free Download

It’s not many months since the pinball kings in Zen Studios officially disclose their business and disk up with something as rugged as a rhythm-based martial arts game (“Kick Beat”).

The result was so, but the idea behind it was nothing to postpone.

However, with the “Castlestorm”, they have let go of polished bullets and lilacs in favor of “Angry Birds” -inspirated tower bombing with something close.

Warn here!

“CastleStorm” is really a pretty cocktail. It is true that the catapult we know from “Angry Birds” fills a significant part of the glass, but the drink smackers “hack’n’slash” and tower defense, in good Norwegian) contribute so much to the whole.

Simply explained, “CastleStorm” is about using a throwing machine to defend your castle, while enemy troops tactically march from the Viking castle on the other side.

To sink the troops and defend your own fort, you can either flip down the Vikings with spears, rocks, morning stars or other fast as well as produce your own troops of different types.

These can be archers, swords, knights and so on. The longer in the game you come, the more types of ammunition and human capital become available. In addition to improving the freedom of choice, one can also improve each and every one of these, including the castle itself. The goal is of course not reached before the enemy’s castle is either taken over or completely destroyed.

Tactics and microcontrol

If I’m going to venture out to an even simpler description of Zen Studios’ newest, there will be something like “Angry Birds for Control Freezes.” This does not mean that you necessarily need to suffer from obsessive thoughts to have fun with Castlestorm, but rather that you juggle more than just one ball at all times.

With the exception of page assignments, always keep an eye on the resource usage for troops, weapons and magic.

If you push a rock over the head of the enemy, it will take a minute or two before it can be used again, and the same goes for the heaviest artillery. Bomber and rocks, the most effective tower knuckles, can only be projected at regular intervals. In addition, if you are effective and / or precise with catapult killing, this results in additional crowns that can be used on troops.

All of this, as a player, constantly switches between the game’s three menus to put the next boost into action, an eternal round dance between different attack strategies. As an action-packed feature, you can add hero while waiting – that is, take control of a main character that gives the game a fresh breath of hack’n’slash, in the middle of all microstyring.

Any person with a managerial responsibility can recognize the pleasure of taking a roof on the floor.

The point with points

But there is more. The story part of “CastleStorm” attempts to tell a sneaky little story about two kingdoms, two crystals and a stormy ghost viking chief.

If you’re kind of lucky with slapstick and prompevitser, the dialogue sequences can work well as a transition between the many boards, but in essence, this piece of the game is more than a warmth.

What causes the wheels to go around in a game like “CastleStorm” is rather chased after five stars and full pot in the same boards, as well as the score in the other modes the game has to offer.

These include, inter alia, a collaboration mode and variants of “survival”.

The personal favorite, a slight highlight of the fullscale games, was to merge with another player’s main character to try and survive an endless wave of wild boar, soldiers and other packages. It is at all a lot to take off after completing the history part, especially if you are competitive.

In multiplayer mode, the scheme works in the same way as otherwise, but the pace and requirement for embedded microcontrol are taken several steps further. It’s always as bad to see the opponent bombing bombs while slowly grabbing loose stone for rock from your once-so-great fortune.

In addition, if you used the opportunity to manually assemble the rooms in your castle and then invest some of your soul in the walls, chances are that the battles will become an even more personal affair.

What on the surface may seem like a cheap copy of ” Angry Birds ” therefore ends up as a potent piece of digital fun, whose strategy, destruction and precision must go completely into each other to succeed. If you are looking for an easy and accessible downloadable game that only grows and grows along the way, there is no reason to let “CastleStorm” go unnoticed.

Now it’s only to be released on mobile and tablet, Zen Studios!

“CastleStorm” was first released to PC in July. The Xbox 360 version was released on September 27, while PlayStation 3 and Vita are released today, November 6th. (The price is between 65 and 80 kroner on the various platforms).

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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