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Brain Marmelade Download For PC (Windows / Mac)

Brain Marmelade is a 2D platformer adventure game with hand draw creepy art style and a unique combat system. This games follows the quotDump Onequot in his dangerous quest to find the GLORIUS Brain Marmelade. The platformer : Move around the levels and… Dodge ! Jump ! Jump again and …

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The Blood Eclipse VR Download For PC (Windows / Mac)

A killing that occurs under the Blood Eclipse is still a killing but a death is not a death at all. And tonight the town that experienced a massacre under the Blood Eclipse centuries ago will not be letting its guests go without teaching them that lesson. It39s a zombies …

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Hunting Challenge Download For PC (Windows / Mac)

Hunting Challenge is the latest thrilling shooting game where you have to play the role of a stealth huntsman. Be wary of your surroundings and adapt accordingly. Watch out for the beasts of the forest that are out to hunt you. Kill any wild animal on sight! Do not give …

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