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SMITE – Free third-person action-MOBA


SMITE is a client-based, free third-person action MOBA. Mythical gods face each other in different areas. The story: gods in combat In SMITE there are many divinities from different mythologies, such as godfather Zeus and the Egyptian god of death, Anubis, in the struggle for supremacy. The facts: a multitude of …

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Forge of Empires Pc Game

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires – free historical strategy game! Forge of Empires is a free, browser-based strategy game. It plays in different epochs of human history, beginning with the Stone Age. The story: A small village in the course of time. In the Stone Age, mankind is still at the beginning of its …

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Goodgame Empire Game for PC

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire – Free Medieval Strategies game Goodgame Empire is a free, browser-based medieval strategy game. You have the possibility to build your own castle individually. The story: A fantasy world full of castles In Goodgame Empire, countless players compete for supremacy on Earth. Everyone builds his own castle and tries to …

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Overwolf buys Stats Royale, Clash Royale stats site

Tel Aviv, which owns the game statistics platform, Overwolf, has bought StatsRoyale.com, which focuses on data from the Clash Royale game. The purchase was made for an undisclosed amount. StatsRoyale.com aggregates large amounts of Clash Royale data to determine the contents of the chests as well as metagame tracking information (most used decks, best deck, etc). It …

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Brachial Action, Humor & 3 Heroes: The Shooter Spectacle 2017 comes

Humor & 3 Heroes

Agents of Mayhem are already on their way: The funny and at the same time completely exaggerated third-person shooter of the Saints-Row-Maker of Volition comes for PC, Xbox One and the Windows PC. You can find out where you can pre-order the game. http://videos.chip.de/p/1741931/sp/174193100/serveFlavor/entryId/1_072u5evt/v/1/flavorId/1_7314zw7o/name/a.mp4 Whoever can not do anything with action …

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