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Dragon’s Crown Pro Exhibits its Co-Operative Multiplayer in a New Trailer

Up to four players can collaborate to finish the present fantasy adventure.

Dragon’s Crown , one of Vanillaware’s most important videogames , will be re-released on PlayStation 4 throughout the current year 2018. Taking advantage of its new arrival, Atlus , its editor, has shared a new trailer in which he has shown part of the cooperative multiplayer of production, which will allow four players to submerge in the land of Hydeland.

How could it be otherwise, Dragon’s Crown Pro will recover all the benefits that catapulted him to fame on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita . Take advantage of the benefits of PlayStation 4 to improve your visual section and reach the 4K in PS4 Pro . One of the highlights of the present revival is in its soundtrack, which has been re-recorded using an orchestra for its main themes.

The Crown of the Dragon awaits a new owner: become a Wrestler, Dwarf, Amazon, Wizard, Elf or Sorceress and throw yourself into battle on a date to be determined in the present 2018. Your editor has also confirmed the release of the Battle Hardened Edition, with metal box, seven cards of skill and the game itself.

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