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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn Game Review

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn Game Review

Lead to build houses, sneak furniture and hear your personal poet’s trolley while fighting tough child adopters with toys so that they leave you alone?Did not live everyday as vampire rescues up to expectations? Perhaps the urge to go somewhere else to recharge the cancer before the New Year?

Then I can wholeheartedly recommend a package tour to Solstheim: an island outside Morrowind, which offers a large map full of new experiences and sights.


Third dose refill

Even a year later, ” The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ” is still my foremost “relax some hours” game, which has an instinctive appeal to the adventurous adventurous and exploratory character.

However, after all, I have become so well in this region that the landscape offers nice surprises, no matter how varied it may be.

So the thought of exploring a new area is undeniably alluring.

” Dragonborn ” is the third expansion package of “Skyrim”, at least if we count on ” Hearthfire ” … but are we actually doing that? Out of reality, I have still not refurbished the bathroom, the kitchen needs a coat of paint and the refrigerator is getting empty.

In “Skyrim” I have three newly renovated houses, overloaded with more than enough stuff to survive a long game of Thrones.

Something tells me that “Hearthfire” is not the best disposal of my free time, but that kind of house work can hardly be called an extension. Rather a constriction, and a trivial “take it or leave it” deal for specially interested.



I, the undersigned, do not belong to those who were disappointed with the Dawnguardextension, which after all gave us more hours of exciting adventures than many full- priced games .

Nonetheless, I must reluctantly admit that being a vampire hero in the long run is not  as fun as it should be. A powerful blood sucker loses some of the authority when he gets stuck in door frames, in my opinion.

But with “Dragonborn,” Bethesda gives us a great pre-Christmas package, containing the best and most comprehensive extension to “Skyrim” – in line with the best of DLC for the entire “Elder Scrolls” series.

A new, unexplored area full of exciting things, which adds to our ability to tame dragons. In theory: yay!

Let me start with the only bad news, and downplay the expectations of those who have been looking forward to riding on dragons. This sounds far more fun than it turns out to be in practice. Towards the end of the main story you open a dragon top that gives you control over dragons, but this is very limited and clumsy.

You can order the dragon to attack enemies, and move around on the map while sitting on it – but do not get the feeling of being a dragonfly in Pern (for those who know the books). This is mostly a little curiosity Bethesda has drawn in as an added bonus, despite the fact that the game engine does not work very well for this purpose.

But no danger, “Dragonborn” offers plenty of other things Bethesda has certainly not spared the resources here.

«It can be a pretty rough place»

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn Game Review

We get a new “Skyrim” in miniature, which produces the same sense of adventures like the start of the main game. You are in a strange world full of sights and challenges that you just crawl after exploring.

To start “Dragonborn” you have to wander around in Skyrim to find a gang of cult members (I discovered them in Falkreath, but they walk around in random capitals). These fanatic hoops are refusing to believe I’m a true Dragonborn, trying to chop me down in the Dragon Prayer Miraak’s name. Stupid of them.

On my bodies, I find a cryptic note that reveals that the cult members arrived at Skyrim by boat from the island of Solstheim. Hm, this has to be investigated further. So I’m going to the harbor in Windhelm, where Gjalund Salt-Sage is ready for the ship “Northern Maiden” and offers me a boat trip to Solstheim.

Why not? Talos should know that I could have a holiday now.

Gjalund warns that “It can be a pretty rough place”. Sounds promising. Here are 250 gold coins – lift sail and sail in the way, sailor.

Pack your nose and feel at home

I arrive at the harbor in Raven Rock, a fog that is the closest this island has to a capital. Solstheim has definitely seen better days, and some have happened since we visited the area in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind extension Bloodmoon.

None of them I meet manage to completely place this mysterious Miirak, but some remember his name.

Disturbing many of the inhabitants are struck by a curse while they eagerly build monuments to Miirak in transit and bubble nonsense to themselves. Only a small tribal Skal warrior has managed to protect himself against Miirak’s evil influence, and of course, they need my (or possibly your) help to overcome him.

It turns out that Miirak was the first “Dragonborn”, an arrogant mud that tries to break out of the Oblivion underworld Apocrypha. An HP Lovecraft-inspired nightmare full of demonic beasts, dark beasts and tentacle monsters who ask black mucus.

This is the kingdom of Daedra Prince Hermaeus Mora, a knowledge demonstration that offers significant gifts if you submit to you. So pack your nose and feel at home. You will spend some time in this dark underworld, returning here in a series of exciting page assignments opened by a total of seven black books.

The main campaign should have been completed in around six, seven hours – but you can easily spend several days just exploring the island and performing the page quests.

Burning spiders

The climate in Solstheim is not so different from Skyrim, but the architecture is completely different, and the atmosphere more mysterious. There is also a lot of ash here, since Solstheim is still heavily affected by the volcanic eruption on Red Mountain – as we can see the worms on the horizon.

Solstheim offers a whole new flora and fauna, with new plants and ingredients for elixirs.

The wildlife is exotic; in one moment you are attacked by burning spiders, bouncing against you and exploding like small suicide bombers. In the next one, you’ll just be standing and watching Netchs: giant gels that peacefully float over the water’s edge.

Since the island has less land mass (roughly the size of The Reach), the map is more densely packed with experiences.

Such a dense pack that the undersigned easily blasted all deadline frames in an effort to embrace the most. You can follow the “Dragonborn” campaign first, or immediately go on a discovery journey and swim around at your own pace. I was honestly not prepared for just how much it is to do here: a large amount of page assignments, people to talk to, caves, mines and ruins to explore, new creatures to die to death.

You will also find some new materials to create weapons and armor, at least three new dragons, treasure maps, valuables and useful items.

In fact, there is so much news to find here that I had to go back to Skyrim repeatedly to keep the goodies in my newly built houses. No, I do not have any toys. Stitch, railing! Play in traffic.

Later, I discovered that you can actually buy houses in Solstheim after doing some page assignments, but that’s life.

It is abundant of content

During my time on the island, I have assisted an old mining worker to resolve a death related to The East Empire Company’s shady past.

I have helped the magicians of Tel Mithryn, where the inhabitants live in heavy mushrooms. Fighted against Varbjørner. Purified tomb in a Dunmer temple for Ash Spawns: a new type of enemies that arise from the ashes of the dead. Light like a spot.

I also stood up for a group of deserted northern warriors, who were thrown out of their inn by a gang of Rieklings gangbars. These old “Bloodmoon” connoisseurs are among my favorite enemies in the “Elder Scrolls” series: harsh little smurfs attacking a flock, riding wild boar and making festive sounds.

I really dig these miniature raccoons, so it’s almost humble that they’re so easy to breed.

You may also help the Riekling chieftain defend the inn, leading to a completely different course of events. However, my loyalty to the brother-in-law in the North prevented me from setting up for Rieklingene, but it is a decision I regret a little later. Perhaps the little blue bombers had appointed to their new chief, or something like that?

All in all, it is reportedly over three dozen new page assignments here, some are almost the size of the main campaign, others are quickly implemented in a few minutes.

Even after several days of intense marathon play there is still a lot left to do – so there is a lot of content here. By the way, it’s an advantage to become a member of the Skyrim pools: you will meet with a cliff of varulver in the mountains, and get a few extra missions from a kitty from The Thieves Guild.

Problematic dog adoption

“So what about bugs?” You might ask. “Skyrim is not Skyrim without technical problems.” Personally, I have never been particularly bothered by such things, but “Dragonborn” has a bit of crunch in the machinery.

At one point, my companion disappeared in the air, so I had to go back to a previous storage point to get her back (and all the valuables she was wearing).

In addition, I adopted an obedient race dog, which obscured sporadically after a storage. Hope he is doing well in the dog sky.

The councilor Lleril Morvayn should also check out what heck is wrong with his house in Raven Rock, because from time to time the floor disappears on the second floor after entering his bedroom. A bit troublesome, but after all, little to cry over.

Clean apart from such small things and the sublime dragon page, it’s hard to find something to expose to “Dragonborn”. Digging “Skyrim”, you want to dig this as much, since Solstheim offers more of the same in new surroundings – and at the same time has a nostalgic utility for anyone who has followed the series since “Morrowind”.


A strong challenger for the title “Expansion Pack of the Year”, and just what we want even more.

It is rumored that at least two extensive “Skyrim” DLC packages will be in 2013, and if they hold the same high standard as “Dragonborn”, it will be hard to clear time for something different than “Skyrim” in the future. Seems that PS3 owners will soon be able to take part in the fun, too !

“Dragonborn” can be downloaded to Xbox360 now, and costs 1600 Microsoft points (about $ 131). The expansion is apparently to PC and PS3 right after the new year.

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