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Fortnite will soon have Jetpacks

The shooter of Epic Games advances to its fans some of the surprises that are to come.

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It has not yet been officially announced, but it will be a reality. Fortnite will receive, through future updates, jetpacks. This tool to “take the battles to new heights” will land “soon” in the action game of Epic Games. As we say the news has not been made official by the studio responsible for the phenomenal free-to-play shooter, but it has given its players the presence of the jetpack in the list of future updates.

How will it apply to the formula of the video game? At the moment it is in the air, although the players already carry out all kinds of speculations, pointing some to whether it was just a cosmetic element (something that seems unlikely) and others indicating that it could be a more independent and capable version of the game. jump pad

Fortnite will soon have Jetpacks

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