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Comeback: Google Glass is now a data base for the industry

For a successful company like Google, the data glasses Google Glass represented a notable failure. In 2014 it came into the trade, but was largely scorned by the customers. This should also have had an effect on the skepticism of data spectacles, which is widespread in the population. Since then, the project has undergone some restructuring. Thus, the development is no longer located on Google itself, but in another subsidiary of alphabet named X. In addition, the target group has moved: Instead of private individuals are now above all companies to buy the data glasses. This now also bears the name Glass Enterprise Edition. It is sold not by the alphabet, but by partner companies.

The software is programmed individuallygoogle glass

These originate mostly from the software sector and optimize the glasses for use in a particular company. For example, the German parcel service provider DHL uses the data glasses. Employees in the warehouse do not need to use a hand scanner, but can simply read the barcode with the glasses. All important information is then displayed via the data glasses. Once this procedure has been implemented, reading the barcode is much faster and more efficient than before. DHL buys the glasses not from the alphabet, but from his software partner. In this way, an enormous variety of application possibilities arises because new software solutions can be developed if required.

Data glasses can increase productivity

google glass

Because of their very individual use, it is difficult to quantify the advantages of using the data glasses in general. A first analysis, however, led to the conclusion that, in the case of complex production processes in low unit numbers, productivity rose by a quarter. The combination of data glasses and 3D printers is, for example, conceivable. How many copies of the Glass Enterprise edition have been sold so far is not yet known. At least some well-known companies were won as customers. In addition to DHL, these include Volkswagen and General Electric. In the long term, it is also conceivable that acceptance in the population will also increase as a result of employment in industry. Then data gadgets could also have a future as a gadget for private individuals.

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