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International Space Station to make it searchable on Google Street View

International Space Station to make it searchable on Google Street View

Google publishes Street View of the International Space Station (ISS). To be able to search inside the ISS with 360 degree panoramic images.

On July 20, Google took advantage of Google Street View and released 360 degree panoramic photos taken inside the International Space Station (ISS). It is the first time to publish street view images outside the earth.

google street view

The video behind the filming is also released on YouTube
You can enjoy the state of the inside of the ISS and the state of the Earth seen from outer space with 360 degree images. An annotation is displayed on a picture with a popup. You can check commentary on a place where astronauts train physical fitness, contents of meals, areas to conduct experiments. I used the image that Tomasa Pesque astronaut who stayed at ISS for about 6 months returned to Japan in June 2017.

google street view

Because the interior of the ISS is a lot of obstacles such as equipment and wiring, it is also a zero gravity space “We could not shoot with equipment normally used by Google” (Psyche astronaut). The crew was working on research and maintenance for 12 hours a day, so the shooting time was limited.

Image of “Joint Airlock” used by astronauts to enter and leave the ship and outboard (From Google Japan Blog)
Therefore, I used a digital single lens reflex camera that I had already introduced to ISS. A pizza says to send the captured still image to the ground, pasted them together and created a 360 degree panoramic image.

“Everyone can explore the inside of the ISS that only a limited number of people have visited so far.While viewing the earth from the universe, I changed the viewpoint of seeing the world a bit.The street view allows many users I hope that the world view will change “(Astronaut Peschke)

Astronaut Pesuke is an astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA). Boarding a Soyuz MS – 03 spacecraft launched on November 18, 16, stayed at ISS for about 196 days as a flight engineer. I returned to Earth on June 2, 2005.


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