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Gran Turismo 6: king of the driving simulation is back

Gran Turismo 6: king of the driving simulation is back

So, and now we can continue with the new consoles.” It must have been the thought of many reviewers, when the last major multiplatform games of this fall were discussed at the beginning of November. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One were then on the main menu, as well as the titles that were available for those two new machines.

It was easy enough to forget that the familiar consoles that everyone already had at home could expect new games, and not the least. For example, Sony Computer Entertainment does not actually close the year with the release of the PlayStation 4, but with a new Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 3.

Why then still a PS3 version, instead of working on a new Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 4? Money of course. ‘Cashing’ once again in a much larger market, with an engine that was already finished for Gran Turismo 5 and can therefore be more or less reused.

And so PlayStation 3 owners can release again, with a game that radiates love for cars. Because of course it is. You can blame the guys at Polyphony Digital enough, but not that they are not car enthusiasts. From the slightly too sweet opening film to the throbbing statistics of more than 1200 different cars: this game is made clear by and for people who prefer an arm around their steel steed at night rather than their wife.

Yet you can wonder how much these Japanese car enthusiasts could still do to the game. Who sets out the most important new features, understands that there is not much more to be had for Gran Turismo 6. Driving under a – date accurate! – realistic starry sky, minigames on the moon and more things you can wonder about whether the real car enthusiast is waiting for that. Meanwhile, little has changed in the structure of the game and the appearance. There are a lot of cars especially.

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