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Hawaii will process bills to limit the sale of games with loot crates

Hawaii will process bills to limit the sale of games with loot crates

The US state of Hawaii is going to deal with four bills that will restrict sales and require labeling of games with loot crates and similar random game items, should they go through.

– 91 per cent of all young people between the ages of two and 17 play computer games, as stated in the bill.

– There are no age limits on games that contain loot crates and other utilizing gambling-like mechanisms. In fact, games that contain such often marketed against young people are marketed.

There are now four bills to be handled by the government in the state.

The first two, House Bill 2686 and Senate Bill 3024 , are to impose 21 years of age on all games that contain “random rewards” or “virtual items that can give arbitrary rewards.”

The last two, House Bill 2727 and Senate Bill 3025 , are for forcing developers to provide accurate probability numbers in games containing loot crates and to mark the games containing such items.

The wording will have the following wording: “Warning: Contains in-game purchases and gambling-like mechanisms that may be harmful or addictive.”

It is Congressman Chris Lee who has worked on the bills. He got a lot of attention in the media when he called “Battlefront 2” a “online casino with Star Wars theme” a few months ago .

“I grew up with games,” said Lee to the Hawaii Tribune Herald .

“I’ve even seen how developments have been, where the industry has gone from wanting to create new things to start exploiting people, especially children, to maximize profits.

According to Lee, over half of the US states will have similar bills on time.

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