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Hearthstone – Knight of Frostthron Pc Game

The new “Hearthstone” expansion “Kings of Frostthrons” brings new cards and mechanics. The editorial team will show you a Hunter card exclusively!

he new extension ” Knight of the Frozen Throne, ” brings mid-August, 135 new cards to the game. Such events bring the community on a regular basis – because with the new cards the existing balance is generally thrown over and players have to make new decks. At this point, we are already revealing one of the newcomers.

Hearthstone - Knight of Frostthron

Exclusive card revelation: The poisonbite trap

Blizzard gives the hunter another secret with “Giftbissfalle”. Apparently, the developers are trying to breathe new life into the short-time favorite Secret Hunter. Whether this card is also in high ranks or even in competitive decks, is according to Hearthstone professional Jan ” Ekop ” Palys questionable. Above all the already established hunter-card “Schlangenfalle” stands in his opinion in competition with the new secret. Currently, however, it is hard to predict how “poisonbite traps” will play with other new cards. An example of this is “professor plague”, which activates another secret after one has been played. The complete analysis of Ekop on the new map is shown in the video.

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