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Heavy Truck Simulator For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download; Review

Heavy Truck Simulator For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download; Review

Although it was released last year, Heavy Truck Simulator is by far one of the best truck and truck simulators of 2017. The game released in beta is 100% Brazilian and has national trucks such as Scania 112, Mercedez 1933 and 1935.

How to play Heavy Truck Simulator

With very nice graphics and great compatibility, Heavy Truck Simulator is a game that fits according to your smartphone or tablet. The game starts with the visual at least, and the player can configure according to his device. You can “turn on” shadows, light effects, reflections, increase traffic and more.

When I first started the game I had a fright. Compared with other simulators, Heavy Truck Simulator is a real ready game. With goals, missions, and many game mechanics already included.

The player must make freights to complete the missions of the game. For beginners, the recommendation is to turn off the fines so that you can train. For any hesitation like climbing a sidewalk, already counts the amount of freight you would receive.

The phases are divided into freights and each cargo has its peculiarity. Soy is simple to carry. Already fuel requires a greater skill of the player.

Heavy Truck Simulator reproduces much of the ambiance of Brazilian highways. With smaller brand vehicles we usually see. But the game goes beyond. Even cities are represented and many of them are very similar to real cities.

Heavy Truck Simulator For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download; Review

In the gameplay part, Heavy Truck Simulator is a very well developed game. There are controls for absolutely everything. Even motor brake and various types of mirrors. The cameras are a show apart allowing to take beautiful photos. The game still has day and night cycles, toll and driver cancellation simulation.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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Heavy Truck Simulator is one of those Brazilian games that comes out of “experimentalism” and really delivers a ready game (although still in beta) in the hands of lovers of games for Android and iOS. The game is free and offline.

Download Link on iPhone and iPad

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Developer: Dynamic Games Entretenimiento Ltda 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases: Yes 
Requires Android 2.3 / iOS 6.0 
Language: English | Size: 338 MB

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