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How to open SIM card slot if you don’t have a SIM tool

How to open SIM card slot if you don’t have a SIM tool

Keep in mind where you keep your SIM instruments—those little metal things you incidentally get with another telephone? No, me not one or the other, however don’t lose hope. Luckily for me, and you, I’ve MacGyvered my way into the SIM card plate and microSD card opening numerous a period. Here are a couple of helpful approaches to open the SIM card space without a SIM apparatus.

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What do you have close you?

  • Hoop or puncturing
  • Paperclip
  • Needle
  • Thumb tack/staple

Hoop or puncturing

The correct instrument for the activity may be nearer than you might suspect, as in appropriate inside your own body. Customary studs with more slender wires or snares work best, on others, you may need to unscrew the ball/spike on the end. More outrageous piercings may be too substantial to fill in as SIM plate openers.



Presumably the following most regular thing on the off chance that you happen to work in an office. Not the fat plastic covered paperclips, but rather essentially any little paper clasp will get your SIM plate shot out. Also, when you’re set you can utilize it to join different bits of paper together.



In the event that you repair socks and jeans as much as I do (you would prefer not to know) at that point you’ll have a needle drifting around the house some place. Simply utilize the not-pointy end in the SIM launch gap and press down on the edge of a table. I’d encourage you not to attempt this utilizing your hand.


Thumb tack/staple

Another omnipresent protest around the home and office is the thumb tack. There’s numerous shapes and sizes however essentially every one of them are equipped for opening your SIM plate. In case you’re considering unheard of options at that point you’ve most likely understood that you could likewise utilize a staple.


Obviously, there’s bunches of different choices as well, including a toothpick, self clasping pin or essentially some other pointy thing you have laying around.

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