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Intel Announces its New Model of Discrete Graphics

It would be the first dedicated model from the new direction of its graphics division.

Intel Announces its New Model of Discrete Graphics

Since Raja Koduri, former project manager of the Radeon group, left the company to join ranks at Intel, many users have been aware that it was cooking in the company’s graphics division. We already knew Intel’s intentions to improve their current products in that division, but until now we had not seen anything.

It has ceased to be so, as the company has seen more about its new dGPU in the ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference), more specifically, how they are made.

Intel Announces its New Model of Discrete Graphics

These new graphics are based on the architecture of their integrated graphics, more specifically in generation 9 (Series UHD 500), and will advance from it. Although this may seem unpromising, what we know about the graph invites the opposite, since it is a 14nm architecture with 1500 million transistors, a number similar to that of the GT 1030, the discrete Nvidia star graphic.

Without a doubt, Intel is starting from the lowest possible. And it is logical considering the architecture from which it departs and its competitors in the high ranges. However, the company has expressed its desire to move forward from this base and it is extremely interesting to think that it can leave this renewed graphic division in the future.

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