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It was bad! Niantic Wins on 1st Pokemon GO Fest and Announces Compensation Package

The first major event of Pokémon GO, which was supposed to be a one-year celebration of the game’s worldwide launch, did not have a very good start. The players, who had to pay a ticket to attend the event, had to face a huge queue and connection problems.

Niantic Wins on GO Fest

According to the Game Informer website, many people who managed to enter the closed part of the event (much more were left out in a gigantic waiting line to enter) simply could not log in. And there are users who have traveled from other states and even from other countries to participate. And they can not.

Niantic CEO John Hanke stepped onto the stage to try to calm the moods, acknowledging the problems. But the idea does not seem to have been very good since he only managed to be booed by a massive portion of the audience. Shortly after, the crowd began to chant “we can not play”

The accumulation of people in the same place trying to access the mobile networks and the same game had the expected effect: the transmission towers of the operators were overloaded, as well as Niantic servers. Hanke stated that he was working to resolve the issue.

Apparently a solution:


After annoying so many players, Niantic eventually changed the rules of the first Pokémon GO FEST. The company has expanded the festival’s range to about 2 miles around Grant Park in Chicago. Who registered for the event has until Monday to pick up the special items.

That is, who registered on the Pokémon GO Fest can only approach about 3 miles from Grant Park to pick up rare eggs and capture the Unown. And that goes until Monday. There is no more an enclosed area for the festival.

Niantic also altered the message by calling the players to attend the event to one asking the players to disperse in order to free up the broadcast towers and the company’s servers. So everyone will have their chance to participate.

In an official statement, the company apologized for the inconvenience and listed four actions it took immediately. Are the following:

  • All registered participants will receive an email with instructions to receive full refund for the ticket. These instructions will be sent to the email address associated with the Pokémon GO account.
  • All registered participants will receive $ 100 in PokéCoins in their accounts.
  • Pokémon and special eggs, and check-ins on PokéStops during the Pokémon GO Fest had their range extended to a radius of 3.2 km around Grant Park until Monday morning, July 24. These Pokémon and eggs will only be visible to Pokémon GO Fest participants who validated the QR code upon entering the event. Participants who were unable to validate the QR code during the event can do so on special PokéStops until Monday morning.
  • All registered participants will have the legendary Pokémon Lugia added to their accounts.

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