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LaLiga Enters the World of eSports

Its objective is to reach the youngest and approach new audiences.


The Professional Soccer League of Spain has decided to enter the world of eSports after years flirting with the electronic entertainment industry, confirming that it will participate “in several projects” that will have football as a common thread.

Its motto will be “It’s not football, it’s LaLiga”, and it was born with the aim of getting closer to the youngest ones and interacting with them, as well as boosting the growth of the LaLiga brand reaching new audiences. They also remember that this is not their first time in the sector because for years they have collaborated with EA Sports and its successful FIFA.

“The LaLiga eSports project will start under a national vision in a first phase, and with the ambition of achieving internationalization as the bet is settled”, can be read in the official statement. “It will be a way to create new elements with which to satisfy sports fans, new technologies, and an open and continuously growing community.”

A few minutes ago it was FC Barcelona who made official their bet on eSports, confirming their attendance at the Pro Evolution Soccer league.

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