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Locate iPhone: This is how you feel the Apple phone

Locate iPhone: This is how you feel the Apple phone

iPhone places is free with on-board means of Apple possible. The Apple service iCloud brings with it the right features. CHIP shows how to locate your iPhone, view the location on a map, and completely erase data in an emergency.

iPhone places via iCloud

You want to locate your iPhone because you misplaced or lost it? No problem, the iPhone already has everything you need. Just sign in to Apple iCloud . Do not worry, the Apple service is free for this purpose, you only need to sign in with your Apple ID, which you also use on the iPhone. Then click on “iPhone Search”. Important: Locating an iOS device works only if you explicitly allow it in the iCloud settings on the device. The exact way to the function you will see below.

iPhone places: Via iCloud, every iPhone user can locate his device for free CHIP

Activate iPhone location on the iPhone

  • Go to ” Settings “,
  • Click on your Apple ID (first tab in Settings)
  • Select ” iCloud “
  • Far below in the list is the category ” Search my iPhone “
  • Activate ” Find my iPhone “

Find, follow or lock iPhone

If you locate the iPhone as described above, iCloud displays the current location on Apple Maps. On the map display, the iPhone is marked as a green dot. You should now be able to see if you have the iPhone in the office, whether it is at home or somewhere else. Useful is the indication of when the iPhone was last located. If you have the iPhone just somewhere in the apartment, you can play a beep and find it that way. To do this, go to the green dot in the map display and click on “i”. Now a small popup will pop up where you can click on “Play sound”.

If you are sure that you have lost your iPhone or it has been stolen, you can also click on “Lost Mode” and subsequently lock the device with a PIN code. You can also enter a phone number and a message that will be displayed on the screen. If the device is offline, you can turn on tracking so that you will be notified by email when the iPhone goes online.

Delete iPhone

Of course, addresses, telephone numbers, emails and photos must not fall into the wrong hands. If your cell phone can not be found despite a message on the display, reset it to the factory settings by clicking on “Delete iPhone”. This prevents thieves from obtaining important personal information. If you can get your hands on the iPhone again, it’s handy if you have a fresh backup somewhere, like locally on your PC or in iCloud. Just play back this backup and the iPhone is ready for use again.

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