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Love & Hate Relationship With | Spotify

Love & Hate Relationship With | Spotify

Spotify has been a big part of my day-to-day life throughout the previous several years. Living in New York, I typically walk back and forth amongst work and my apartment, and before heading out I’ll usually download a playlist, album or podcast onto my telephone, fly in my AirPods, and go. (Since I have an unlimited data plan, I couldn’t care less as much about downloading these things beforehand.)

Obviously, there different services that can effectively do the same thing. Apple Music is probably Spotify’s biggest competitor, and some even anticipate that it will overtake Spotify as the most popular music streaming service by the year’s end. And I’m an Apple fellow — I have an iPhone, MacBook Pro and Apple TV. Regardless of whether it makes culminate sense to subscribe to Apple Music, I can’t inspire myself to switch over. Spotify has been too great to me.

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship With Spotify

I tried, don’t misunderstand me. For a couple of months, while testing Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, which just accepts voice commands for music if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, I took the bait. I took the “first three months free” deal, and three months later I switched back to Spotify. I didn’t like the layout of Apple Music; I didn’t like how its podcasts were in a separate app (Apple Podcasts). And I didn’t like how on Apple Music there was no straightforward “Download” catch to download tracks, albums or playlists to my device; instead, it said “Make Available Online,” which is simply semantics yet at the same time feels overcomplicated. Simply say “Download.” Thanks.

However, this isn’t to say that I find Spotify idealize. I don’t. A couple of months ago, I switched from being a Spotify Premium subscriber to being part of a family plan with my sibling and parents. You know, to save some cash and beat the framework. Additionally, we purchased my parents a Sonos One for Christmas and they required a subscription to play music with voice. Since at that point, my Spotify continues pausing and flashing a message “Spotify has been paused because your account is being utilized elsewhere.” But the app doesn’t disclose to me which device is playing which is really frustrating because I want to know who in my family to holler at. I even went to Spotify’s Help section on its website to talk to one of their chatbots, yet it just confirmed that there was no real way to know where the music was playing. Spotify, please fix.

As a tech writer and all-around gadget fellow, I have my Spotify account associated with a variety of devices: various different Amazon Echo devices, a Google Home, an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro; a Google Pixel and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone; a running watch. And now, two Sonos One speakers: one at my parents’ home and one at my apartment. Basically, if one of those devices is playing without my insight — say my roommate is playing music on my Google Home or my mother has by one means or another switched to my Spotify account instead of her own, at that point it affects me.

There are different things that I wish Spotify would adjust. It has a three-device limit for downloading tracks and, selfishly, I wish it were higher. I carry around a couple of telephones and test various smartwatches and tablets simultaneously, and if I backpedal to one my more established devices, it regularly erases my downloaded tracks. I also wish there was an easier way to, when listening to an artist’s radio station, find previous tracks. Too often have I heard a tune while in the middle of something and been unable to find out later on what tune it was. Likewise, I wish there was an easy way to disclose to Spotify that I don’t like a melody on an artist’s radio station with the goal that I never have to hear it again. Kind of the like the thumbs up or down framework that made Pandora big back in the day.

Like I said, Spotify has been a big part of my daily routine for quite a long time. And I’m not likely to abandon it anytime soon, but rather there are little tweaks that I wish it did better just to make my experience a little simpler. So Spotify, please, get on it.

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