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Lucio In Overwatch will receive a New Legendary Skin

Blizzard shows the emotes that will arrive next week

If you are a fan of Overwatch you are surely counting the days for the arrival of the first big update that the game will receive. To warm up engines, Blizzard Entertainment gave a glimpse of what you can expect next week.

Lúcio, the Brazilian DJ who heals and increases the speed of his teammates with a couple of songs, will have a legendary new skin called Capoeira Lúcio. What you will notice immediately is that the hero left the shirt and glasses at home. Their weapons also look simpler and feature some tribal elements.

Also, Blizzard revealed some of the emotes that will be available next week. You can see Sombra with a puppet of Reaper, an incredible jump of Genji and Mercy with his cane. Look more quickly.

So, we remind you that on January 23 Overwatch will receive an important update that will add the new Blizzard World map and a lot of cosmetic content. Yesterday we met Pharaoh’s legendary skin and the studio promised that over the next few days it will continue to reveal some of the content that will be available in Overwatch.

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