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This Mega Man bike will make you the envy of all

The product is manufactured by KhodaaBloom

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If you’re a Mega Man fan, you probably already have all kinds of Blue Bomber merchandise, but what you probably do not have is a transportation method based on this franchise. That is why we invite you to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this franchise by knowing a bike with Mega Man design.

The product is manufactured by KhodaaBloom, a Japanese company that manufactures bicycles and other products related to cycling. Keep in mind that this is an official product that is already on sale in Japan in exchange for ¥ 290,000 JPY, that is, approximately $ 2720 USD at the current exchange rate.

But what is it that makes this bike special? The answer is its design with 2 shades of blue that evoke the emblematic colors of Mega Man. In addition, it presents 2 illustrations of Blue Bomber – one in anime style and one in 8-bits – as well as the legend “Rock Man”.

Do you want to see it? Then check the images that we share below:

 Mega Man

The bad news is that, until now, there have been no plans to distribute this product in the West. Also, it seems that we imagine that printing a bicycle from Japan should not be a cheap or simple process. So, everything seems to indicate that we will have to stay with the desire to have it.

In other news, a few hours ago Capcom announced the release date of Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for Nintendo Switch. The interesting thing is that both titles will be offered as a single package in physical stores. On the other hand, we think you’ll be interested to know that Mega Man 11 is already in development and will arrive this year.

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