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Microsoft clarifies Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support

They want a balance between that decision and the freedom they always like to give to the developers of their console.

Minecraft Beta gains upgrade with mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One

Mike Ybarra, one of the main responsible for engineering of Microsoft, has talked about something that has been discussed at length: the mouse and keyboard support in the Xbox One console.

The thing is that, at the moment, there is no official way to do it. That means that, always through adapters, fans who wish can play in the video game console with mouse and keyboard to certain video games. Although this could be an extra advantage for those who are multiplayer, Redmond do not want to make decisions that limit that.

“Developers have the freedom to use applications that detect but do not allow that kind of control,” Ybarra said through his official Twitter account. “It depends on them, but the possibility of doing it is there.”

“We could restrict it ourselves,” Ybarra acknowledged before the fans’ concern. “But there are certain situations in which it is good to have those devices, such as Xbox One’s accessibility issues. However, our general approach is to give the developer the freedom to manage the video game in the way they want to do it.”

The solution? According to Ybarra himself, it could be that the studios create different systems for their games that allow fans to play against users who use a pad, against those who use the mouse and keyboard combo or against both. For example, something similar was done in Gears of War 4, a title that allows fans of Windows 10 on PC and XOne to confront each other.

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