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Microsoft wins in quiet cyber war with Russia of the hacker group Fancy Bear

The White House is saying to cooperate with Russia with Cyber ​​Security, but it would be better to leave it to a buddy who is even more inaccessible than Russia. According to the article by Daily Beast , Microsoft has been fighting quietly with the hacker group known as Fancy Bear so far . This group is believed to be related to the Russian military secret intelligence agency GRU.

Fancy Bear

The article is rather elaborate and depicts how Microsoft’s legal guards sued Fancy Bear in 2016 and saved the domain name they used in breaching Microsoft’s trademarks. Actually, it seems that the enemy was using various names other than Fancy Bear. Even though we use domains that misrepresent Microsoft’s product names, they insisted that they are generic domains. And such sloppiness has led to a lawsuit.

It is almost impossible to pull out a grim hacker group without a clear organization, no responsible person, but the lawsuit led to a result that Microsoft hijacked a part of Fancy Bear’s server . Last year Microsoft hijacked over 70 servers wearing various domains of Fancy Bear, many of which were responsible for command and control, so that hackers are communicating with the malware they installed on the target I understand.

Microsoft grabbed the full view of Fancy Bear’s server network using the domains that I came in and found that those servers can communicate with Microsoft’s domain. As a result, the company could indirectly disturb and observe some of the suspicious foreign intelligence agencies. It was a pretty clever tactic for a technology company to do in his leisure time.


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