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Monster Hunter World would be “Difficult To Move” to Nintendo Switch

Of course, Capcom recognizes that the future of the video game on the Nintendo console is something to consider.

Monster Hunter World would be "Difficult To Move" to Nintendo Switch

After going through PS4 and Xbox One, and a few months of its release on PC, many fans expected that Monster Hunter: World also premiered on Nintendo Switch, and is that the Nintendo game console is an increasingly attractive place for multiplatform video games.

Capcom, however, has made it clear in an interview with the Toyo Keizai Online portal that it is a particularly difficult job to port. Apparently, the game was specifically designed with PlayStation 4 and XOne in mind, something that allowed these titles were much more qualified in terms of performance than other deliveries intended in the past to PSP or 3DS.

What does this have to do with Switch? The unique hardware and the particular architecture of the game, according to Haruhiro Tsujimoto, would need a “substantial work” to adapt it to that platform.

Of course, the CEO of Capcom says that taking this particular game of the Monster Hunter saga to Nintendo Switch is under study at the moment, and recognizes that they are aware of the expectation that there would be in case of being thrown for the machine.

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