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Netflix: “Video playback is not a priority for Nintendo”

One executive believes that the Netflix application will eventually reach Switch in the future.

Netflix: "Video playback is not a priority for Nintendo"

Although Switch has enjoyed good acceptance since its release, many fans want to see applications such as Netflix or Hulu on the console. The first of them has been very elusive so far, although from the popular broadcasting company they believe that it will end up arriving at some point.

“In the case of Switch, Nintendo did not focus on video broadcasting applications, but on video games: multimedia content is not a priority for them, ” Netflix associate vice president Scott Mirer said in a round of questions in Silicon Valley. “We have a great relationship with them and we consider the possibility of supporting the Nintendo Switch.”

For now, it does not look like we’re going to have the opportunity to see Netflix on the console, but the executive said it “could happen.” Mirer was not very misguided, the Nintendo Direct March 8 showed the interest of Nintendo to continue adding video games to the catalog of your console, just over a year after its release.

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