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Nintendo would have Ruled out a Switch 2.0 for this Year

The Japanese company, apparently, will occupy its 2018 in improving the on-line functions of the video game console.

Nintendo Switch already touches the 15 Million Video Game Consoles Sold

There are many things on Nintendo’s closest horizon for its successful Nintendo Switch video game console. With the increasingly close launch of Nintendo Labo, the new experience of the Japanese company, and the future start-up of the online service set for the month of September it seems that there is a lot of meat in the barbecue.

That could be the reason why a new revision of Switch, its hybrid platform between laptop and desktop, would not have a revision 2.0 throughout this year 2018. It would be, “as soon”, something that would not arrive until 2019 according to says The Wall Street Journal.

Until then, the firm would devote its efforts to projects such as the ones mentioned above, but also to peripheral issues.

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