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Overview on Samsung Galaxy S8

Design and processing

samsung s8

Samsung has installed the wireless technology Qi since the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in their smartphones. Since then the official charging station has always been around, but only since the Galaxy S7 can you charge the smartphone in two positions; lying or standing.

The charging pad is light, does not need much space and can be used anywhere. However, you always need access to an electrical outlet, as the charging station itself does not bring any battery.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s Ladestation own cable also adds an adapter, so you must either either access the original cable of your smartphone or purchase corresponding accessories at Samsung. Here you should always access original accessories from the manufacturer, otherwise Samsung denied the warranty. Of course it can come with cables of third-party providers in addition to performance losses.

In Germany, the Ladestation is available in two colors: black and beige. Even more colors would of course be desirable, so that the station can fit well into any environment.

samsung s8
The charging pad is completely matte black. A total of three charging coils are integrated, from top to bottom. This allows the smartphone to be charged in both the vertical and horizontal positions.

This is really convenient if you want to listen to music or make a call when charging. Since the charging station serves as a stand for the smartphone, you can also watch a movie or a series. You can use the smartphone as normal, as it is always yours.

At the base of the charging station is additionally an LED attached, which indicates the current status:

Blue> Green> Light blue: Appears when connecting the station
Blue: When the smartphone is charging
Green: When the smartphone is fully charged
Blinking blue: If an error does not load correctly
Off: If the smartphone is not on the charging station or the station is not connected


In addition to the possibility to charge a Samsung Galaxy S8 or another Qi-compatible device cordless, the fast charging station also offers, as the name suggests, Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC). Compared to the previous model (EP-PG9201), the charging process is done an hour faster. The new station is thus much more efficient.

The connection of the charging station has also been updated to USB-Type-C. As with the Galaxy S8, the fast charging station is also equipped with a micro-USB to USB-Type-C adapter. So you can use a micro-USB cable in an emergency.

Samsung‘s new high speed charging station offers a lot of comfort, as well as a very good performance. Of course, the charging process with AFC adapter and original cable is faster than with the cordless charging station. However, it is clearly the more comfortable solution since the cable does not have to be connected for each charging process. She is always ready and you just have to hang up the smartphone.

It is also worth mentioning that Adaptive Fast Charging technology allows the system to know when the charging process needs to be interrupted. In this way, the battery is gently charged and extended.

samsung s8

In addition Samsung has installed in the charging station a fan. Thanks to this cooling, I have never noticed an unusual warming of the smartphone or charger. Fortunately, this fan works very quietly and is not to be noticed in everyday life.

The cordless charging station needs an average of 2 hours and 40 minutes to charge the Galaxy S8’s 3000 mAh battery. I always used the original cable and the AFC adapter. The charging process always started with a battery charge of 0 – 5%.

If you use a case, the duration of the charging process can of course extend accordingly or the cordelade loading does not work at all. I therefore recommend the use of the station without case on the smartphone.

Officially, Samsung says that only smartphones from its own S- and Note series are supported. Since the charging station supports the Qi standard, other smartphones that support this standard can also be charged with the station.


My experience with the Galaxy S8 has changed positively thanks to the cordless lading possibility. Often I arrive at the office with a battery charge of less than 50%, as I had once again forgotten to charge the smartphone. Since there is now a quick-charging station on my desk, this is no longer a problem. As soon as I arrive in the morning, I place the smartphone on the station to the shop. As soon as the LED glows green, I take it back down.

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