Pirates & Pearls™: A Treasure Matching Puzzle For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download

Pirates & Pearls™ For PC, Windows & Mac Free Download

Ahoy, landlubber! Ready to set sail with the bravest pirate on the high seas? It’s time to plunder yer way through hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled with precious loot. Build mighty ships, pillage wealthy ports and construct gold mines while perfecting yer puzzle-solving and buccaneering skills. Yer first task: …

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LocoCycle For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download


A modestly downloadable Arcade game should not be the benchmark for what the next console generation can get. But honestly, “LocoCycle”. You could at least have grabbed the searchress and clean underwear.  This is to be brutally honest, a lousy demonstration model for the Xbox One, and would never have been …

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Tesla Grad For PC, Android, Windows & Mac Free Download

Tesla Grad

The problem with the entire “Metroidvania” changer is that most people who use it as a design template have traditionally had a very mechanical approach to the source material. “Super Metroid” was not only a product of all its intricate corridors, but also the adventurous and pale backdrop. How cool …

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