Robot skill of crafts

robot craft

Remote control of industrial robot in VR space, can reproduce skill of crafts! “OptiTrack” that develops motion capture system “OptiTrack” “Optical track Japan” is advancing the development “Robot control in VR space” is a real-time, high-precision processing work in the VR space performed by humans by an industrial robot Can …

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5G technology development

5G technology development is accelerating, investment in base station is decreasing trend Research and development for realizing 5G (5th generation mobile communication) is accelerating, but investment in base stations is expected to decrease in the next few years. Market research firm Dell’Oro Group announced its forecast. According to a report …

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WhatsApp seeks a business model to generate revenue and has multiple Countries as one of its focuses


It is not only Messenger that is preparing to increase Facebook’s revenue. WhatsApp also started a search for business models to start generating money, not just spending it. The messenger announced the opening of four job openings that seek professionals in the field of business products. One of the vacancies searches for a product manager. In …

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Why is not the fastest animals the biggest animal? German study

german study

Why is the cheetah which is said to be the fastest animals on the ground faster than the smaller mice, faster than the larger elephant? Research results to explain this question, was published recently in the British scientific journal sister magazine “Nature,” “Nature Ecology & Evolution”. The theoretical model presented …

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