Space Run for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Space Run

“Space Run” reminds me very much of the board game “Galaxy Trucker”, where you must put together a singular spacecraft, send it out in space with a valuable cargo, and hope that the engineer in you has puzzled a sustainable construction. It’s harder than it sounds. The jigsaw puzzle you …

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Entwined for PC Review & watch Gameplay


It’s good and exciting that Sony shows a willingness to expand the game media’s register of possible motives, beyond running, jumping, killing and shooting. At the same time, the company makes good shape as one of the industry’s largest by investing and facilitating small development teams, either with Sony contract …

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Wildstar for PC Review & watch Gameplay


Nothing shines for the support. It all starts with problems in a rusthead of a ship, neither softwares nor hardware works as it should. But if there is something that is spotlessly clean, it’s the heart of the Exiles. It helps little right now, when we are going to fight against our …

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Murdered: Soul Suspect for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Murdered: Soul Suspect

There is an open mind behind ” Murdered: Soul Suspect “: Japanese Square Enix, known for the “Final Fantasy” series, would publish a game that could appeal directly to Western players. They took the initiative for the production and hired Blessed Airtight Games to create simple but exciting entertainment based on Western genre conventions, …

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Divinity: Original Sin for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Divinity: Original Sin

Basically, there are a million different ways to attack “Divinity: Original Sin”. This is an extensive role-playing game that is featured on several points. But it’s not about indulgence or infinitely wilderness, such as Bethesda’s approach to the genre. This is closer to the good old classics from Interplay and Black …

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Abyss Odyssey for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Abyss Odyssey

On the paper, “Abyss Odyssey” is a fantastic fascinating game. Not only in the way it unites their genres, but on the ambitions it sets around the goals you strive for as one of many players. The idea is that you are going through a maze that leads down to …

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Sacred 3 for PC Review & watch Gameplay

Sacred 3

 It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a game that has been so cool to get through: so monotonous and so uninspired. I apologize a lot, but pure boredom is unforgivable. George Bernard Shaw had possibly the right in that “indifference is the essence of inhumanity”, but in this case …

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