Overview on Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung s8

Design and processing Samsung has installed the wireless technology Qi since the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in their smartphones. Since then the official charging station has always been around, but only since the Galaxy S7 can you charge the smartphone in two positions; lying or standing. The charging pad …

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The Best arcade games

Best arcade game

Top Arcade Game PinOut Only recently available, but it has the class for the list of best games. It is a new spin of the classic pinball genre. After only a few game minutes, it is clear: An old pinball game you do not want to touch so fast. You …

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latest emojis

  A few years ago Emojis were still called Smileys and consisted only of letters or special characters. But with the spread of the smartphones, the triumph of small Emojis began. In various designs and colors, they are supposed to convey the mood of the chat partner. However, many manufacturers …

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Overview smartphone Maze Blade

smartphone Maze Blade

Maze Company (translated as “Labyrinth”) was named in honor of the Labyrinth of the serious and original American fiction series HBO Westworld TV channel ( “Wild West”). For those who did not watch, I will not talk, so as not to leave the spoilers. Maze company, however, like many other …

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