Maps on iOS can get even better with augmented reality

We’ve talked a little about ARKit, augmented reality tools for developers presented by Apple along with iOS 11, and some videos show a little bit what content creators are preparing for a brief future. In addition to games for apps that can be very useful for sales, now we also have something that …

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Solar-electric hybrid car

solar car

At the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, one has experience with solar cars – with a now presented four-seater with five square meters of solar cells on the body, it is already the seventh model presented by the university. Together with cooperation partner Thyssenkrupp, 60 students want to compete at …

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China focuses on the topic of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

More and more advances in artificial intelligence are being reported worldwide. This starts with more playful approaches. In the meantime, not only do the Asian board game go better than any human player, but also win money against the world’s best players in the long term. But technology is gaining …

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The great weakness that could kill bitcoin

The lack of social confidence in the transaction of bitcoins constitutes an obstacle for the virtual currency to become more general   he value of Bitcoin reached new and enormously high, highs in June 2017, when a unit of the virtual currency was worth $ 2,851, whereas just one year ago it was …

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